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“Who’s Moving is here! With Long distance moving being a high demand service, preparing for a long-distance move can get very expensive, the cost for a long-distance move can range from $600 to more than $10,000 depending on factors like the size and amount of your belongings and how long the move is. This service makes use of special equipment to transport your goods over long distances, no matter the distance, “we know how important it is to get every customer belonging to the designated location safe and efficient., our highly trained, moving professional will be there for your every moving solution, with our experience and knowledge” we will exceed your vision a moving solution. Fortunately, with Who’s Moving? LLC offer less expensive out of state moving options that can decrease the outcome of going over your budget, with well contacted resources, our expertise favors excellent delivery and superb planning from start to finish. Also, to mention Who’s Moving? LLC take all precaution needed to protect all rights and protection of All customer belongings, as of result to protection rights all transported items will be transported separately. Unlike other companies we will not allow sharing of a truck with other customers belongings, this ensure you your belongings will be safe and protected in the care of Who’s moving? LLC before, during, and after your move. Following all U.S federal laws including insurance and protection to all consumers



What to Expect with our Long-Distance Moving Services?


Who’s Moving? LLC professionals are commented to the providing superior service and care to all customers. Your moving professional specialized in every moving solution making sure that all-customer needs and concerns are met in every move, crew professional are equipped with all necessary tools to make your move prompt and stress free

  • Trust
  • The safety and security of your products guaranteed
  • Economical transportation of goods over long distances
  • Excellent equipment to contain your goods efficiently
  • Door to door services that offer ease of mind to you
  • 24-hour Client Hub
  • Assigned Agent
  • Affordable Cost
  • License and Insured
  • GPS tracking
  • Loading/Unloading services
  • Fast Delivery
  • Packing/Unpacking (Add-On)
  • Arranging Furniture (Add-On)
  • Moving Supplies & Boxes (Add-On)
  • Wrapping (Add-On)
  • Assemble & Disassemble (Add-On)



How we Function our Long Distance Moving: Step by Step


Whatever you wish to acquire from us, we will do our best to serve you in the best way. However, for your ease, the following is how our long-distance service functions step-by-step:



Step 1:

Make a booking. This would help us identify the type of long-distance service you require, such as delivery, loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, and home and office setup.


Step 2:

Once you make your booking, your assigned Agent will place 2 or more (depending on arranged crew size) of our dedicated crew professionals on the request. At this point you will be Given access to your client hub where you have the ability to view request at all times, Request changes, View crew members by picture & Name and Arrival time, your client hub will keep you informed on all information regarding your request by sending out via text message alerts


Step 3:

At the scheduled date, once the crew professionals are in route to you, you will receive a call from your assigned agent informing you of the crew eta time also the names of your crew professionals, so you are aware whose coming out to assist you on moving day


Step 4:

Our service providers would initiate the service you have booked. They would fulfill all the requisites for the service until the completion.


Step 5:

After service completion, your assigned agent will overview the order making sure all service needs have been met, also all required document & balance is paid.


Step 6: Our unmatchable services will make you revisit us soon.


Why Who’s Moving LLC: We Get It Moving


With the advancement in various fields of technology, the demand for renovated services has increased too. Manufacturers constantly look for and require adequate transportation services. People rely on transportation services for shifting homes, offices, and other spaces.

There is a constant demand for such services that lend people a helping hand. Transportation service providers have emerged in numerous quantities these days. But finding a reliable, safe, and economic partner is a tedious task. You need Who’s Moving LLC as your reliable transport partner.

After you have heard it, it is time to summarize all of it. You have just landed at the perfect place. We all come across shifting our homes and offices. And this shifting is not limited to a distance. For this, many people look to hire companies for distance transportation. With us, you have all in one roof.

We not only offer a one-dimensional distance moving. At the same time, we have loads of services that we offer through long-distance moving, such as packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading. Therefore, select our long-distance moving as we enjoy the leisure of peace

Long distance quotes take on a lot of factors, but we will offer the best price to meet your budget, don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss more information about your unique move